Other Planes

Miscellaneous planes at the Military Aviation Museum 

  • Wright Brothers  Model EX

    The Wright Model EX “Vin Fiz” is one of the most interesting aircraft, and stories, in the early years of flight. The museum’s full-scale replica was built for the 2003 centenary anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight.
    In October 1910, newspaper giant William Randolph Hearst, and early fan of aviation, offered a $50,000 prize for the first aerial crossing of the U.S. in 30 days or less. Eight flyers entered the competition, five took to the air, and one completed the trip, albeit not in the required 30 days.
    Cal Rogers, was an early student at the Wright Flying School, who arranged the sponsorship of a company who was just coming out with a new grape-flavored soda pop. The Vin Fiz crashed it’s way across the country into aviation legend.

    Country: USA
    Manufacturer: W. Bros.
    Max Speed: 55 mph
    Weight: 903 lbs
    Wing Span:

  • Fiesler V1 “Flying Bomb”

    Perhaps no flying machine of the first half of the 20th century gave so terrifying a view of the future as the V1 “Flying Bomb”. After design approval in 1942, the first V1 was flown later that year from the highly secret facilities at the Peenemunde airfield on the Baltic Sea.
    The first offensive launch of the V1, against London, was in June of 1943. The pulsejet engine was guided by a simple preset gyrocompass, and the flight duration was controlled by the amount of fuel on board.
    More than 10,000 “Doodlebugs” were launched against England with 2,000 pound warheads, doing significant damage even though only about 25% of them actually hit their targets.
    Found in a tunnel after German reunification in 1989, the MAM V1 is fully functional, and is the only one known to retain its radio homing device.
    Country: GermanyManufacturer: FieslerEngine: Argus Pulse JetHorsepower:Max Speed: 390 mphWeight: 4,750 lbsCeiling: 2-3K feetRange:Wing Span: 17′Length:Height: